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The Spectra Team offers a through energy efficiency and conservation analysis that can save you Money and earn the Green seal for the benefit of our enviroment. Energy efficiency applies to the entire structural envelope. Making your home more energy efficient is not specific to a single product such as insulation, thermal windows, or HVAC systems. Our certified energy inspectors give you an unbiased analysis of your entire structure and its components for a complete approach to energy efficiency. We are here to seek out ways to lower your energy costs, improve your comfort level, and increase your property's value--not to sell you products or equipment. Our analysis will provide you with suggestions to improve your home. 

Spectra Inspectors can make energy conservation recommendations that will have a minimal effect on your lifestyle and comfort level. These recommendations are simple behavior changes that will reduce the waste, and therefore the cost, of energy throughout your home. They are simple to implement, and you can choose to incorporate any or all of them.
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There are many energy related techniques but which one will give you the bang for your buck? Both Commercial and Residential Properties are striving to be Green Friendly and our investigating:

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As the cost of energy continues to rise, can you afford an energy draining home? Are you doing all you can to conserve energy and keep your costs as low as possible? 
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