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The Spectra Team considers the infrared camera one of the most valuable inspection diagnostic tools. This specially designed camera registers changes in heat across a surface and is a non-invasive method that reveals structural problems, moisture issues, inadequate insulation, "hot spots" in electrical wiring, and even pest or rodent infestation. Thermography capabilities allow our inspectors the ability to peer inside walls and ceilings throughout a home of building to pinpoint a problem. Our inspection services reach throughout Texas but primarily in the local Dallas / Fort Worth area and surrounding Texas Counties including Tarrant County, Parker County and Johnson County. Our Inspection Team is based in Mansfield and your inspection outcome is provided via a thourgh inspection report.

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Infrared Inspections can aid in the discovery of various concerns:

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Residential and Commercial Inspector / / Moisture Issues Residential and Commercial Inspector / / Rodent Infestation
Residential and Commercial Inspector / / Electrical Wiring Residential and Commercial Inspector / / Collapsed Ducts
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An infrared camera inspection of your residential or commercial property provides you with the information you need to keep your investment in great condition, reduce energy costs, and ensure safety. 
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