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Commercial and Residential Inspections

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Dallas Inspection Services for commercial and residential include New Home Inspections, Sewer Cam Inspections, Infrared Camera Inspections, Asbestos Inspections, Site Assessment Inspections and Energy Inspections.

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Our reports are web-based and contain color digital photos and a concise narrative. You will typically receive your report electronically the same day but certainly no later than 24 hours after we complete the field portion of the inspection. If you prefer, we will fax your report or print a copy for you. 

All you will need to view and/or print your report is your web browser. No plug-in or other reader is necessary. You will receive an email with a username and password and a link to the report. This email contains only a link to the report and does not have any attachment. Thus, you will not need to download large email attachments, and there is no risk of an email virus.

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Sewer Cam Inspections / Sewer Inspections / www.spectra-inspections.com
Sewer Cam Inspections

Infared Inspections / Heat / Camera Inspections / www.spectra-inspections.com
Infrared Inspections

Asbestos Inspection / Hazardous Material Inspection / www.spectra-inspections.com
Asbestos Inspections

Site Assessment / New Property / Construction Inspection / www.spectra-inspections.com
Site Assessment Inspection


Energy Inspection / Energy Efficient / www.spectra-inspections.com
Energy Effiency Inspection

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Spectra-Property Inspection Certified Accreditations, Client Relations and Associations are listed below for your reference.
Spectra Inspection and Propery Services follows the rules and regualtions set forth by the Enviromentail Protection Agency / www.spectra-inspections.com / www.spstx.com
Spectra Inspections is recognized by the International Association of Certiefied Home Inspectors / www.spectra-inspections.com / www.spstx.com Spectra Inspections / Spectra Properties is recognized by the American Home Inspectors / www.spectra-inspections.com / www.spstx.com Spectra Inspections and Spectra Properties follows the rules and regulations set forth by the Department of Agriculture / www.spectra-inspections.com / www.spstx.com Spectra Inspections and Spectra Properties follows the rules and safety regulations set forth by the National Swimming Pool Foundation / www.spectra-inspections.com / www.spstx.com Spectra Inspections and Spectra Properties follows the rules and regulations set forth by the Texas Real Estate Commisions / www.spectra-inspections.com / www.spstx.com
National Inspections of Home Association / www.spectra-inspections.com / www.spstx.com
National Association of
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